The mission of the symposium is to help people connect, network, present, and share information about all aspects of integrative health and leadership.

Additionally, each of the hosting and sponsoring organizations have their own mission. For example, the mission of Asklepios is to ensure rigorous and scientific methods are applied to research on integrative healthcare studies such as Tai chi, Qigong, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, etc. The researchers encourage well-developed research design and publish reviews. Asklepios also would like for more integrative health research to get distributed and read by all members of the medical and therapeutic world in order to decrease waste and un-useful therapies while ferreting out therapies that work (whether they have big bucks to test them or not!)

The mission of the HPL 501c3 Institute is to provide opportunities for people and groups to connect, all over the world, in order to improve their own opportunities for health, prosperity, and leadership. HPL 501c3 Institute helps groups provide workshops, classes, conferences, websites, video, and publications. The method by which HPL creates those opportunities includes sharing the benefits of mentorship, leadership, and integrative health practices that augment emotional maturity, deepen personal relationships, reduce stress, increase peaceful resolution of conflicts, boost longevity, improve prosperity, and enhance wellbeing. HPL 501c3 Institute is an umbrella organization, and other groups are invited to become members.